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ONE PIECE Episode 48, 49 Reaction & Review | The Town of the Beginning and the End


HELLO SMOKER! 💕 Full Reaction (Patreon): 💕 Animaechan Art Shop (Worldwide Shipping) : S O C I A L S 💕 Join me on Discord: 💕 Twitter for otaku tweets : @animaechan 💕 Anilist to see what anime I have watched : 💕 Twitch: P A T R O N S Thank you to the following patrons for supporting this channel and helping me to keep it up! Blackblade (Level 5+!), ViktheOne (Level 5+!) Lord_Cypher (Twitter @AdamCummins2) Tiago Silva (Twitter @TSilva0), Bjorn (Twitter @LTnormx) Diego (Level 5! Instagram @designerzom) Luis Almanza (Level 5!), Twily (Level 5! Twitter @lightningzen7) ☆~Nyaa~☆ (level 5!), Ángel Kuhn (level 4!) Abdou Khouli (level 4!), Adam Ray Alejandro, Arsalan Rashdi, Anders Cooper (level 4!) Anthony, Anna Kyruin, Ali Anupkdk01, Ahmed Bin Hraiz Amjad Alghamdi Bizel, Blackeye, Carnwennan00 CodeNameTyphon (Instagram @chalk_and_handwraps) Cameron Thornton (level 4!), Cisco F Dogalios (Level 4!), Connor Sievers Dave M, Daniel Walters, Defnub Abiyyu Mufti, Erik Becerra (level 4!) Dontrell Durant (Twitter @FalloutItachi), Tattsumii (level 4!) Eric Mollison, Erasurehead, Franz Kogler Ethereal Toad, Gary H. (Level 5! Instagram @justsomeguy310) Gandy_D (level 4!), Grone1973 (Twitter @MikeGroneberg) Greg Upton, HausHelva HunterTariq, William Suva (level 4!) Jake9z, Jason Holt James, Joe Lott, Jason Gamez John Smith, Loveboobs ZS (level 4!) Leila Abenaqui (level 4!) @dean_is_the_King (Instagram) Liam, MichaelB Matthew Bremmer, Martin Jaramillo MattSch_eibe, Mikelach Murkrow, Miki Mi (Level 4!) Metal, Moot, Oh Nader, Monkey D.134 Pauljeffs, Patrick Bruce, Pako Pedro Marmolejo, Natthapong Langprasert OSC_23_, Rj Casido, Deltarino, RagingSavi Sotosrou (Level 4!), Sam Steffan, Souma SMadd9, Sneakymickey, Saul Martinez Spencer Bennet (Level 4! Twitter @fijikokoi), Speziald Tempest Wolf (Twitter @Tempest_Wolf_), Thomas Stark Taka, The Mad One, Teddy Milamber Warren Littlechild (Instagram @Warren_Littlechild) Wolf Wynterson (Twitter @wolfwynterson), Yacin Waduhek, Zaskar, ZAGRASH Sandro Gonzalez Casiano σ(≧ε≦σ) ♡ #AnimaeClub 💕💕

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