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Nhạc Tết, Nhạc Xuân Sôi Động 2019 - Liên Khúc Nhạc Tết Nô Nức Mừng Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019

Quê hương việt nam xin trân trọng giới thiệu video: Nhạc Tết, Nhạc Xuân Sôi Động 2019 - Liên Khúc Nhạc Tết Nô Nức Mừng Xuân Kỷ Hợi 2019 #nhacxuan2019, #nhactet2019, #nhactet, #nhacxuan ❖▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬❖ ▼ THEO DÕI : ◙ ĐĂNG KÝ KÊNH ĐỂ THEO DÕI: ◙ Google Plus : ◙ Subscribe: ◙ Facebook: ➦ Kênh chúng tôi tuyển tập những ca khúc Nhạc Vàng, Nhạc Trữ Tình, Nhạc Sến, Nhạc Bolero, tuyển chọn hay nhất mới nhất với mong muốn phục vụ khán giả yêu nhạc. Các bạn hãy like và chia sẻ những ca khúc mình yêu thích !!! ☀ Chúc Các Bạn Có Những Phút Giây Nghe Nhạc Vui Vẻ ☀ ☞ Hãy LIKE video và ĐĂNG KÝ kênh để theo dõi những album mới nhất! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Quê Hương Việt Nam ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ --------------------------------- © Bản quyền thuộc BHMEDIA Corp. Vui lòng không reup dưới mọi hình thức

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Oriental Medicine Therapy- ASRM Full Body Massage Therapy and Muscle Stress Relief, Stress #3


Donate for me and you can watching more ! - - Paypal : Comment your idea to us about the next video ! Abodominal massage for weight loss, How To Do Leg Foot Massage Natural Massage Therapy Techniques Long ago, massage has been recognized as one of the most comprehensive body care and beauty treatments, massage just relax to keep the shape, beautiful skin. You just need to spend some time daily massage will immediately see the effect with the waist more compact. Reduce Foot And Legs fat When the blood vessels under the skin are stimulated to function more vigorously, blood circulation easily, affect the metabolism, which helps breakdown fat, reduce the size of the legs. Prevents fat buildup Using the force of the hands on the abdomen, fat tissue heat up, not accumulation of fat and remove excess water out of the body. Faster breakdown of fat occurs more quickly and acts as a natural fat-suppressing agent Helps firm skin When you massage the skin is impacted constantly throughout the implementation. Once each cell, the abdominal muscles are more active than normal. The action stimulates skin regeneration, increase elasticity, strengthen the skin and prevent significant sagging caused by the aging process. Reduce stress Subcribe : ======== Donate for me ======= Please like, share and comment us. So we can create better and more valuable content to bring you great moments. Thank you very much ! Science has proven that massage is a very good therapy to stimulate the circulation of blood in the body, allowing the muscles to relax and reduce pain. In particular, when massaged, the body produces endorphin hormones that make women feel relaxed and happy. Welcome to Magical Massage Channel! We will upload all of Magical Massage Style Video: Magical Massage, Therapy Massage, Japanese Massage, Indian Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Esalen massage, Foot Massage... and benifits of Massage. Oriental Medicine Therapy- ASRM Full Body Massage Therapy and Muscle Stress Relief, Stress #3

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Homemade Sex Toy Vagina with Best Hands Free Masturbation Techniques


This video shows how to make a homemade toy vagina, pocket pussy, anus, or mouth for masturbation. The video also teaches how to make these male masturbators work hands-free. It will also make any pocket pussy work hands-free too. That means you can pleasure yourself without having to grab and jerk your penis with your hand. This is THE GREATEST homemade masturbation technique we’ve found. It’s easily made from common household items. The first pocket pussy is the Sponge Cup masturbator. You can make that out of 2 sponges, a cup, rubber glove and some rubber bands. Just add lubrication and jerk it up and down on your penis. The Pool Noodle pocket pussy is made from a pool noodle, rubber glove, gummy bears and rubber bands. You can use hand cream as lube. The Nerf Male Stroker sex toy is made from a Nerf football, plastic bag and electrical tape. Don’t forget to use something gooey and slick for lubrication! hands-free. This solution will ALSO make any store bought hard cased pocket pussy or Fleshlight, hands-free. To create this amazing hands free masturbator system, you’ll need - A homemade or store bought hard cased pocket pussy - Electrical or Duct tape - 20 feet of thin rope or thick string - 3 foot bungie cord - medium sized pulley - Medium screw in hook - small or medium snap hook - shoe - piece of wood - screws You can use hand cream for lube if you don’t have regular sex lube. First, take the masturbator of your choice and attach the string or rope so there is a loop on each side of the device as well as the top. Install a medium sized screw in hook in the top, middle of an open doorway then suspend the pulley on it. Cut a piece of rope or string and attach the snap hook to the end. Pull the string through the pulley and attach one end to the loop at the end of the pocket pussy. Lube up the vagina hole. Attach the assembly to you by putting the bungie cord around your waist and fastening its hooks to the side loops on the pocket pussy. While holding the other end of the string, ly on your back under the pulley and hook. This Pedal foot method is INCREDIBLE because there is NO association with your own hand whatsoever. It will feel like an actual blowjob from a real person! Attach the piece of wood to your shoe from the inside, with a few small screws like this. The board should be a just little longer than your shoe. Put a screw in the bottom of the front of the board … right about here. Now put a little groove in the middle of the front of the board. Sit on the floor and attach the end of the string to the screw on the board. You may have to experiment to get the perfect length. Start off with legs bent a little then adjust to your preferred position. Pivot your foot back and forth to raise and lower your miracle masturbator. Diversify the sensation by adjusting the speed of your movement. You can also use 2 feet for a more controlled motion. If you like to learn about sex and sex related topics or like channels like sexplanations and lovehoney, you should subscribe to Jokestrap Sexy Time.

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Zaful Lingerie Try On | Hot Collection


Hope you guys enjoyed this lingerie review from Zaful! Great pieces at affordable prices :) Support me on Patreon: Zaful 15% discount code : CIAOZAFUL Zaful's Website: Items: Jaret's Channel: Social Media: Instagram: YouTube:

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Hannah Ferguson's Body Paint Leaves Nothing To The Imagination | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit


American model Hannah Ferguson strips everything off to wear a custom body painted swimsuit, leaving nothing to the imagination. Subscribe to ►► SI Intimates bring you the latest and sexiest swimsuit models in the most exotic locations around the world: Take a look behind the scenes with SI Swimsuit Uncovered where we give you an exclusive sneak peek at some of our biggest shoots, with the most beautiful and sexy women: SI Swimsuit is celebrating the season with some super sexy Summer of Swim content. Get close to some of the biggest and hottest models around, including Nina Agdal, Samantha Hoopes, Hannah Ferguson and more: Stunning swimsuit models wearing nothing but paint? Our playful girls show you how body painting can make for some of the hottest swimwear: In SI Swimsuit’s athletes’ shoots, you can see some of your favorite athletes like you never have before. Amazing videos featuring Ronda Rousey, Caroline Wozniacki, Lindsey Vonn, Alex Morgan and more: Get an up close look at Kate Upton like you haven’t seen before. More than just one of the sexiest cover girls around, find out and see everything you need, from this iconic swimsuit model: Check out all of the latest photo shoots, interviews and intimate looks at super model Gigi Hadid. She’s not only gorgeous, but she knows how to show off a bikini: CONNECT WITH Web: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Newsletter: ABOUT Don't miss a moment of this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, and get even more SI Swimsuit content with our Swim Daily and Summer of Swim series. Browse videos of top models and athletes in the latest sexy swimwear. Get a behind the scene look at our latest castings, bikini photo shoots, and exclusive interviews with all of your favorite girls. We have the latest hot swimsuit models, from Gigi Hadid and Nina Agdal, to Kate Upton and many more. Hannah Ferguson's Body Paint Leaves Nothing To The Imagination | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

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Repairing a bad Breast Augmentation \ Breast Implant Revision

youtube - (310) 271-6996 Liliana came to see Dr. David Kim to have her breast augmentation, she previously had one that she was not happy with and Dr. David Kim was able to give her the look and size she wanted. Watch as Liliana tells her story of how Dr. David Kim has helped her. There are many reasons for wanting to remove and/or replace your breast implants: original implants are leaking, capsular contracture has caused breast deformity or hardening of the breast, saline or liquid silicone implants needing replacement due to age of implants and possibility of rupture, patient desires larger or smaller size implants, natural breast size has increased with age more than desired. The best candidates for breast implant removal and replacement are women who are looking for improvement, not perfection, in the look and feel of their original implants. If you're physically healthy and realistic in your expectations, you may be a good candidate. Breast implant removal and replacement can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence, but it won't necessarily change your looks to match your ideal, or cause other people to treat you differently. Before you decide to have surgery, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with your surgeon. Following Dr. Kim's instructions is key to the success of your surgery. It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, abrasion, or motion during the time of healing. Dr. Kim will give you specific instructions on how to care for yourself. 436 N. Bedford Dr. Suite 305 Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210 (310) 271-6996

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[Full Thai Movie] The Park สวนสนุกผี With English Sub [Recommend By NopLucifer]


14 ปีก่อนมีเด็กผู้หญิงตกลงมาจากชิงช้าตาย สวนสนุกจึงถูกสั่งปิดตาย เยน และเพื่อนๆ กลับมาที่สวนสนุกอีกครั้งเพื่อตามหาพี่ชายที่หายไปกว่า 6 ปี ยามแก่ปรากฎตัวขึ้น เขาขัดขวางไม่ให้พวกเด็กๆ ได้เข้าไป เพราะว่ามันคือสวนสนุกผีสิง พวกเขาไม่เชื่อในสิ่งที่ยามบอก จึงตัดสินใจแอบกลับเข้าไปกลางดึก เรื่องราวแปลกๆ เริ่มเกิดขึ้น พวกเขาถ่ายวีดีโอไว้ด้วยกล้อง บางสิ่งบางอย่างปรากฎขึ้นในฟิล์ม เขาหนีไปตามทาง จนกระทั่งมาพบกับบ้านผีสิง หลังจากนั้นเพื่อนๆ จึงตายไปทีละคนอย่างลึกลับ จนเยนเชื่อแล้วว่ามีผีร้ายอยู่ในที่นี้ พวกเขาพยายามจับผีด้วยกล้องดูดวิญญาณ แต่พวกเขาจะสามารถเอาชีวิตรอดได้หรือไม่!!

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بوینوس آیرس، قلب تانگوی جهان

youtube تانگو، رقصی است که همانند آغوش عاشقانه، یاد آور لذات جسمانی، بازی جذابیت و اروتیسم است. خورخه فیرپو، طراح و رقصندۀ آرژانتینی تانگو می‌گوید: «تانگو رقصی دو نفره است، دو نفر که درآغوش یکدیگر می‌رقصند. مرد با رمز‌ها زن را در حرکاتش رهبری می‌کند اما او همزمان باید به فضای زن هنگام رقص توجه کند. به این‏سان بدن آن‌ها در ارتباط و پیوندی هماهنگ با یکدیگر قرار می‌گیرد.» آئورا لوبیز مانند خورخه فیرپو بیش از سی سال است که طراح و رقصندۀ تانگو است. بداهه سازی، تخیل و خلاقیت، سه راز اصلی برای یک رقصنده خوب تانگو هستند اما برای آئورا راز تانگو جای دیگری است. خود او در این باره می‌گوید : «زمانیکه اول بار به می‌لونگاس رفتم، یک رقصنده فوق العاده به من گفت: «آئورا! برای تانگو رقصیدن، باید همانطور که در زندگی راه می‌روی، قدم برداری. این تنها چیزی است که باید بدانی. همچنین باید به کسی که تو را در آغوش می‌کشد، فکر کنی.» آئورا لوبیز در ادامه از تجربیاتش به عنوان یک طراح رقص تانگو می‌گوید: «به گفته اِنریک سانتوس دیسِپُلو، آهنگساز مشهور تانگو، تانگو حس غم انگیزی است که به رقص می‌آید. برای من تانگو افکار و احساسات زیادی است که می‌توانند به رقص در آیند: حسِ غم، خیانت، یأس، رنج یا بدوردهایی که دو نفر در زندگی به یدیگر می‌گویند.» به نظر آئورا لوبیز جادوی تانگو از آن لحظه‌ای آغاز می‌شود که دو نفر می‌توانند قلبشان را بگشایند، بدنشان را به سخن بیاورند و با یکدیگر رودر رو شوند؛ زمانی که در چشمان یکدیگر خیره می‌شوند و آنگاه عشق بازی می‌کنند. رقص تانگو از اواخر قرن نوزدهم بر اساس رقص بردگان سیاهپوست سابق متحول شد. روستاییان که به شهر می آمدند، خرده بزهکاران که در حومه شهر زندگی می‌کردند و مهاجران ایتالیایی و اسپانیایی که در بنادر در محله‌های پر ازدحام زندگی می‌کردند، اولین قدمهای رقص تانگو را پیش بردند، گامهایی که بعد‌ها با ریتم و شور آرژانتینی این رقص هم نوا شد. امروزه صد‌ها و هزاران عاشق رقص تانگو این شور را در می‌لونگا می‌پرورانند و می‌خواهند رموز این رقص را فراگیرند. خورخه فیرپو در مورد شور و علاقۀ آرژانتینی‌ها به رقص تانگو اینطور می‌گوید: «ما آرژانتینی‌ها با دوستان و همسایگانمان و قهوه خانه‌ها و بار‌ها حس نزدیکی زیادی داریم. در آنجا معمولا در مورد فوتبال یا سیاست بحث می‌کنیم و سعی می‌کنیم یک جورهایی مشکلات دنیا را حل کنیم. ترانه نویسان تانگو بیشتر از موضوعاتی مانند خانواده، مادر، کودکی، دوستان و... در ترانه‌هایشان حرف می‌زنند. تانگوی ما آرژانتینی‌ها و فرهنگمان را تعریف می‌کند و من نمی‌دانم آیا واقعا می‌توانم بدون تانگو زندگی کنم یا نه؟ » ________________________________________ یورونیوز از El Querandi "Nuestro Tango در بوینوس آیرس و هتل La Faena Hotel Universe Rojo Tango که اجازه فیلمبرداری و استفاده از تصاویر آنها را داده است، صمیمانه تشکر می کند. Youtube Facebook Twitter

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Megaestructuras: Estación Espacial Internacional [HD]


La Estación Espacial Internacional es un laboratorio en órbita y un sitio de construcción que sintetiza la experiencia científica de 16 naciones para mantener un puesto humano permanente en el espacio. Mientras flotaba unas 240 millas (390 kilómetros) sobre la superficie de la Tierra, la estación espacial ha albergado a un equipo internacional rotativo desde noviembre de 2000. Los astronautas y suministros son transportados por los transbordadores espaciales estadounidenses y las naves rusas Soyuz y Progress. Los astronautas que llegan a las instalaciones a bordo de una de estas misiones suelen vivir y trabajar en órbita durante unos seis meses. Simplemente al pasar tiempo en órbita, los astronautas revelan mucho más sobre cómo los humanos pueden vivir y trabajar en el espacio. Las cuadrillas han aprendido las dificultades de la dieta, en un mundo en el que su sentido del gusto está disminuido, y de dormir bien mientras están asegurados a un objeto no flotante. Pero el equipo también está ocupado con una serie completa de experimentos científicos, la mejora continua y la construcción de la estación, y un riguroso régimen de entrenamiento físico. Los astronautas deben ejercitarse durante dos horas cada día para contrarrestar los efectos perjudiciales de la baja gravedad sobre el esqueleto y el sistema circulatorio del cuerpo. Construcción en curso La estación ha estado en construcción desde noviembre de 1998. En ese año, la primera pieza de su estructura, el Módulo de control Zarya, se lanzó a la órbita con un cohete de protones ruso. En 2008, el laboratorio de ciencia de dos billones de dólares Columbus se agregó a la estación, aumentando la estructura a ocho habitaciones. El diseño de la instalación flotante presenta una serie de módulos de cilindro unidos a un entramado más grande de una docena de segmentos. El Módulo Zarya se usa principalmente para almacenamiento y tanques de combustible externos, mientras que el Módulo de Servicio Zvezda alberga las viviendas de la tripulación y los muchos sistemas de soporte vital de la estación. La estación espacial funciona con paneles solares y se enfría mediante bucles que irradian calor desde los módulos. El laboratorio Destiny de la estación funciona como una instalación flotante única para pruebas de materiales, tecnologías y mucho más. El laboratorio de Columbus fue diseñado para albergar experimentos en ciencias de la vida, física de fluidos y otros campos. Los puertos de atraque permiten que la estación sea visitada por una creciente variedad de naves espaciales, y Quest Airlock permite el acceso a las frecuentes caminatas espaciales esenciales para la construcción continua de la instalación. Canadarm2 es otra característica importante de la estación espacial. Este aparato fabricado en Canadá es un gran brazo espaciador controlado remotamente que funciona como una grúa y puede utilizarse para una amplia variedad de tareas. La Estación Espacial Internacional se puede completar a fines de esta década. Cuando finalice la construcción, seis miembros de la tripulación podrán vivir y trabajar en un espacio más grande que una casa típica de cinco dormitorios. #EEI

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