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Shaving Your Vagina - Health Education Tutorial for women's Pubic Health


The above video is an educational tutorial of the step by step process for shaving of the female genitals. Many a times due to improper knowledge shaving the pubes becomes dangerous, with cuts on your nether regions. The video explains in details 1- The proper method of shaving 2- Shaving against or in the direction of the hair grain 3- After Shave care of the pubes. The video is especially meant to teach the first timers and those below 18 who without proper knowledge may end up hurting themselves. Removing pubic hair is a personal preference. Some girls trim their pubic hair, or go to a salon to have a “bikini wax”; others prefer to shave just about every day, but most just leave it alone. It’s not necessary to remove the hair in this area to keep your body clean. In fact, there are no health benefits to removing pubic hair. Shaving: Some girls say that shaving pubic hair is “high maintenance” because the hair usually grows back in just a couple of days. In the meantime, your genital area can feel itchy and prickly because the skin in this area is very sensitive. Myth - Shaving doesn’t make the hair grow back thicker; this is just a myth. However, if you want to keep the area hairless and smooth, you’ll need to invest in good tools such as: scissors, razor, shaving cream or gel, or your own electric razor, and plan on shaving every couple of days.

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Tinna Latina - Pasatiempo (AVB Brothers Remix) New video Dua Lipa, Shakira style


Tinna Latina - Pasatiempo (AVB Brothers Remix) New video Dua Lipa, Shakira style Lyrics: Ya lo se Estas saliendo con ella otra vez Sigues jugando a las escondidas Que voy a hacer, mi vida Sabes bien, Por mas que digas no puedo entender Te vas con ella o te vas conmigo Que voy hacer contigo Solos tu y yo, muriendo de ganas Nuestros cuerpos mojando su cama sintiendo el peligro Te transformas cuando ella te llama vas corriendo detras de su falda como un nino perdido Pasatiempo Un pasatiempo Con ella estas jugando Pero te estas quemando Pasatiempo Juego violento Con ella estas jugando Tu tiempo va pasando Solo se, todos tus besos fueron de papel. Te lo di todo tu no diste nada. Con ella te quedabas. Para què? Te necesito para ser feliz. Pero lo nuestro ha sido una aventura. Quererte con locura Otilia new english spanish reggaeton songs deep house dance music bass boosted remixes car 2020: Bilionera billionaire Adelante otila remix song Diamante Aventura devocion latina I don't know Balim, Wine my body, Otilia turkish album Mario joy new English songs deep house dance music bass boosted remixes car 2020: California Miss California Gold Digger Ganja Can't get you Highway of love Alone secrets Glamour girl Bad Habit Andrea new english spanish reggaeton songs deep house dance music bass boosted remixes car 2020: Costi Haide Opa, miss California, upotrebena, soledad #share #subscribe #comment Our record label its founded in 2010. Our artists are Otilia, Mario Joy Andrea Baga banini Robber Dj, PARA DEEP Dj Crazy Goat, Peppa Dj, Amor124 During the past years we produce and make many colabs for El Andariego with Amor Malsano, Asher Oh Na Na type of song, we can say about Remady & Manu-L with L.I.F.E. Out of nowhere Isabela with Isabela song become hit on Roton music yt channel. We worked in the past years with producers of Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers Martin Garrix, Camila Cabello with She Loves Control english song, Alan Walker with Live Fast remix made by Bentley Grey. We can forget about Britney Spears with Womanizer, Shakira with Don't bother. From Italy, we can say about Gianni Pirozzo with Sei come il mare or Aldo Ranks Sacude La Tanga, Slza with katarze For the Romanian market Inna remains the best artist and Yalla was one of the most popular songs. Tranda dubii was a big hit, MINISTARKE with Moje Jedino. Eva pop tocame spanish trap song with Otilia Adelante from Y3Mr$ was big hits. About french market with REYZS and Emmène-Moi Romy Angelo french song. Deep house like Dapa Deep Leusin with Glance track or Dapa Deep with Monee So cold. So much work for Remady Manu-L with L.I.F.E and Amor peligroso the remix made by Md DJ, Rvfv in colab with Bandaga on the song Ella No Quiere Rosé, Bob Sinclar, Akon for the english song Til The Sun Rise Up or Massari with Loon Smile For Me. we loved to work for Genc Prelvukaj with Dilema also. We made remixes from Dua Lipa don't start now, Psychical and Break my heart, Rosses Saint JHn, Roddy Rich The box, we count us through popular remixes from Tones and I with dance monkey best hit ever. We made also for Weeknd blinding lights and sent demos to Post Malone, J balvin Bad Bunny & Drake in their style. We loved also SkennyBeatz Remix from Bilionera new remix, also arabic Khalouni N3ich made by Yusuf Eksioglu and for Yeh Kali Kali Ankhein. Our goal to make online games and internet games, of course, internet free games, only a few people want to pay money for pro paid memberships, we gonna make all that internet games videos for you, you will know how to learn to play. Our next plans its audiobooks and books online, or TV online, because the people are tired of Netflix or HBO. We have videos with playboy girls, playboy playmates, but not from official playboy edition. The playboy girls we used from other videos that they made. Also if you want to play the piano, guitar or violin we will show you videos with an app from Google Play that make a lot of fun from it. Some of the videos are not official on Jhaps Records, are worked with models, usually beautiful sexy girls for hot summer 2020. The models that play in the music video usually are very sexi girls. Also, in 2020 are many exotic places and perfect to film all that good looking sexi and very attractive women.

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১০টি সুপারহিট গান TOP 10 Super Hit Songs | Sanajit Mondal | Bengali Folk Song | Nayomi Studio


১০টি সুপারহিট গান TOP 10 Super Hit Songs | Sanajit Mondal | Bengali Folk Song | Nayomi Studio LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Misstech: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Singer : SANAJIT MONDAL Channel Label : NAYOMI STUDIO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For any quiries : Call - 7044156134 Facebook : Facebook Page : #SanajitMondal #Bengali FolkSong #সনজিত মণ্ডল --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Rights To Music Label Co. & No Copyright Infringement Intended. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** ANTI-PIRACY WARNING *** Please never try to copy our content. If you trying to duplicate our content without any authorize Person or Company Permission then we will complain yours against to The Copyright Act, 1957. ** সতর্কবাণী *** অনুগ্রহ পূর্বক আমাদের কন্টেন্ট কপি করার চেষ্টা করবেন না । যদি আপনি কোন অনুমোদনপ্রাপ্ত ব্যাক্তি বা কোম্পানির অনুমতি ছাড়াই আমাদের কন্টেন্ট নকল করার চেষ্টা করে থাকেন তবে আপনার বিরুদ্ধে অভিযোগ করা হবে। গানের সাথে জড়িত ব্যক্তি ব্যতীত (যেমন-গীতিকার, সুরকার, প্রযোজনা বা বিতরণ সংস্থা এবং অন্যান্য অনুমোদিত ব্যক্তি যদি থাকে)

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50 Songs Of Lalan Fakir | সেরা ৫০ লালনগীতি | HD Songs | One Stop Jukebox


Click on the timing mentioned below to listen to the particular song in the above video This Jukebox presents 50 Bengali Folk songs composed By Lalan Fakir rendered by eminent Folk artistes of Bengal: These songs bear philosophical meanings of BAUL spiritual cult and sung with a pensive mood: These songs are very popular to all listeners: Listen, Enjoy and Share It: 00:00:06 Milan Habe Kato Dine- Sahaj Ma 00:05:34 Din Phuralo Hori Hori Hori Balo-Arati Mukherjee 00:08:56 Dil Dariyar Majhete-Purnadas Baul 00:11:50 Khanchar Bhitar Achin Pakhi-Runa Laila 00:15:05 Guru Bine Bondhu Naai Re Aar-Amar Paul 00:17:54 Sab Loke Koy Lalan Ki Jaat-Swapan Basu 00:22:09 Pakhi Kakhan Ure Jay-Nirmalendu Chowdhury 00:25:03 Sain Amar Kakhan Khele Ki Khela-Arundhati Holme Chowdhury 00:28:10 Bhaktir Duare Bandha Achhen Sain-Purnadas Baul 00:32:42 Aaami Apar Hoye Boshe Achhi-Iman Chakraborty 00:38:55 Aay Dekhe Ja Tora-Purnadas Baul 00:42:05 Samay Gele Sadhan Hobe Na-Farida Parveen 00:45:46 Ek Phule Char Rang Dhorechhe-Dinendra Chowdhury 00:48:48 Ei Manushe Sei Manus Achhe-Purnadas Baul 00:51:50 Aamar Moner Manusher Sone-Pratima Banerjee 00:54:41 Dine Dine-Arundhati Holme Chowdhury 00:58:07 Mon Amar Ki Chhar Gourab Korchho Bhabe-Dinendra Chowdhury 01:01:04 Jat Gelo Jat-Farida Parveen 01:03:53 Aamar Gharer Chabi Parer Hate-Prahlad Brahmachari 01:06:39 Ki Ek Achin Pakhi-Manju Das 01:09:43 Chander Gaye Chand-Bikram Ghosh/Sahaj Ma 01:15:53 Aami Kangal Dayal Guru-Purnadas Baul/Manju Das 01:18:55 Khamo Aparadh Ohe Dinonath-Amar Paul 01:22:16 Jhap Dili Tor Babar Pukure-Purnadas Baul 01:26:07 Sadhya Kire Amar Se Rup Chinite-Nirmalendu Chowdhury 01:28:42 Poriye Kopni Dhwaja-Farida Parveen 01:31:57 Jedin Hindu Musalman-Malay Ghosh 01:37:03 Guru Dohai Tomar-Narottam Das Baul 01:43:41 Aamar E Gharkhanay-Amar Paul 01:47:49 Aamar Barir Kachhe-Kana Bhadra 01:52:47 Khepa Tui Na Jene-Prahlad Brahmachari 01:55:24 Bede Ki Tar Marma Jane-Manju Das 01:57:54 Jete Sadh Hoy Re Kashi-Purnadas Baul 02:00:47 Katha Koyre Dekha Dai Naa-Nirmalendu Chowdhury 02:03:30 Monere Bujhate Amar-Anup Ghoshal 02:06:56 Chirodin Kancha Bansher-Swapan Basu 02:13:27 Sei Klachand Na'Daye Eseche-Purnadas Baul 02:17:24 Aamar Amar Amar Bole-Utpalendu Chowdhury 02:20:41 E Baro Ajab Kudrati-Pratima Banerjee 02:23:07 Tomar Mato Dayal Bondhu-Nirmalendu Chowdhury 02:26:11 Bondhu, Samay Jano Na-Pratima Banerjee 02:30:24 Asha Purno Holo Na-Tapan Roy 02:36:14 Guru Bastu Chine Naa-Amar Paul 02:40:48 Aponare Apni Chinine Ne-Arati Mukherjee 02:43:41 Chande Chande Chandragrohan Hoy-Anup Ghoshal 02:46:51 Achhe Jar Moner Manush-Tapan Roy 02:51:46 Prem Jano Na-Arundhati Holme Chowdhury 02:54:44 O Jar Apan Khabar Apanar Hoy Na-Tapan Roy 02:59:17 O Se Prem Kara Ki Kathari Katha-Amar Paul 03:03:12 Na Bujhe Mojo Na Pirite-Prahlad Brahmachari Label :: Saregama India Ltd For more videos log on & subscribe to our channel : Facebook :: Twitter :: Google+ ::

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آموزش کامل فارکس استاد مرادی قسمت اول


باسلام مهربانان امروز برای شما آموزش کامل فارکس استاد مرادی قسمت اول و آماده کردیم امیدوارم استفاده لازم و ببرید. در زیر لینک استراتژی های قبلی و میزارم: استراتژی 90درصدی ارزهای دیجیتال استراتژی 80درصدی استراتژی سیگنال اینوستینگ استراتژی 3تفنگدار استراتژی جدید باینری با درصد موفقیت بالای 85 درصد استراتژی کرکس مناسب افراد تازه کار/ قدرتمند استراتژی روباه اندیکاتور قدرتمند 15 دلاری باینری آپشن و فارکس استراتژی اندیکاتور فوق العاده قوی عنکبوت (SPIDER) آپدیت استراتژی 3تفنگدار (( قسمت اول )) آپدیت استراتژی 3تفنگدار (( قسمت دوم )) ربات 60 دلاری باینری آپشن رایگان تقدیم شما استراتژی قدرتمند باینری آپشن , دلفین اندیکاتور باینری آپشن درخواستی کاربران استراتژی قدرتمند فارکس به نام Kestrel استراتژی فوق العاده باینری آپشن اژدها ( Dragon ) استراتژی قدرتمند باینری آپشن نیش کبری استراتژی قدرتمند باینری آپشن سنجاب آموزش نوین فارکس استاد مرادی ( مورتین ) قسمت اول آموزش نوین فارکس استاد مرادی ( مورتین ) قسمت دوم استراتژی اندیکاتور پنگوئن مخصوص باینری آپشن آموزش نوین فارکس استاد مرادی ( مورتین ) قسمت سوم آموزش صحیح استفاده از اندیکاتورها ( استاد مرادی ) ثبت نام دوره صفر تا صد فارکس سبک مورتین استاد مرادی سیستم معاملاتی قدرتمند باینری و فارکس (کفتار) بروکر ها رو چطور بررسی کنیم؟ ( بسیار مهم ) ----------------------------------- TELEGRAM ---------------------------------

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Beachfront B-Roll: Snow Falling (Free to Use HD Stock Video Special Effects)


Visit my blog at: to download the 1920x1080 file in various formats (DNXHD, PhotoJPEG, H.264, WMV and WebM), as well as many more clips, free of charge and free to use. I've been waiting a while for a day when the snow was falling just right. We've gotten a lot of heavy sleety and misty powdery conditions, but nothing this "flaky". Unlike a lot of stock snow clips you may find out there, this is 100% real, live-action weather. Snow falling has been the most requested shot lately, so I am happy to deliver something somewhat usable. This may be the best I can get. I shot it with a slightly small depth of field and at 240 fps on the FS700. The video nerd in me loves seeing the flakes that float through mostly in focus. You should also be able to do a nice overlay/screen effect using this on your existing footage to give it a nice "wintery" treatment. As the clip is now, it's falling peacefully and almost picturesque. Feel free to speed it up 10x if you are going for a more snowstorm type atmosphere. You are welcome to use them in your projects you are working on or keep them in your clip library for future work. The only thing you cannot do is turn around and offer them AS stock footage. Have fun with them! Follow Me! Subscribe to this channel: Official Site (This is where you download everything!): Twitter: Facebook: Vimeo (Shhhhh!): This footage was shot/recorded/captured with: Sony FS700: Metabones Speedbooster: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens:

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