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Death Note Best Soundtrack Collection

Colección de los mejores canciones a mi parecer de la banda sonora de Death Note. No incluí los Openings y Endings por una cuestión de copyright.

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Shaving Your Vagina - Health Education Tutorial for women's Pubic Health


The above video is an educational tutorial of the step by step process for shaving of the female genitals. Many a times due to improper knowledge shaving the pubes becomes dangerous, with cuts on your nether regions. The video explains in details 1- The proper method of shaving 2- Shaving against or in the direction of the hair grain 3- After Shave care of the pubes. The video is especially meant to teach the first timers and those below 18 who without proper knowledge may end up hurting themselves. Removing pubic hair is a personal preference. Some girls trim their pubic hair, or go to a salon to have a “bikini wax”; others prefer to shave just about every day, but most just leave it alone. It’s not necessary to remove the hair in this area to keep your body clean. In fact, there are no health benefits to removing pubic hair. Shaving: Some girls say that shaving pubic hair is “high maintenance” because the hair usually grows back in just a couple of days. In the meantime, your genital area can feel itchy and prickly because the skin in this area is very sensitive. Myth - Shaving doesn’t make the hair grow back thicker; this is just a myth. However, if you want to keep the area hairless and smooth, you’ll need to invest in good tools such as: scissors, razor, shaving cream or gel, or your own electric razor, and plan on shaving every couple of days.

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Tinna Latina - Pasatiempo (AVB Brothers Remix) New video Dua Lipa, Shakira style


Tinna Latina - Pasatiempo (AVB Brothers Remix) New video Dua Lipa, Shakira style Lyrics: Ya lo se Estas saliendo con ella otra vez Sigues jugando a las escondidas Que voy a hacer, mi vida Sabes bien, Por mas que digas no puedo entender Te vas con ella o te vas conmigo Que voy hacer contigo Solos tu y yo, muriendo de ganas Nuestros cuerpos mojando su cama sintiendo el peligro Te transformas cuando ella te llama vas corriendo detras de su falda como un nino perdido Pasatiempo Un pasatiempo Con ella estas jugando Pero te estas quemando Pasatiempo Juego violento Con ella estas jugando Tu tiempo va pasando Solo se, todos tus besos fueron de papel. Te lo di todo tu no diste nada. Con ella te quedabas. Para què? Te necesito para ser feliz. Pero lo nuestro ha sido una aventura. Quererte con locura Otilia new english spanish reggaeton songs deep house dance music bass boosted remixes car 2020: Bilionera billionaire Adelante otila remix song Diamante Aventura devocion latina I don't know Balim, Wine my body, Otilia turkish album Mario joy new English songs deep house dance music bass boosted remixes car 2020: California Miss California Gold Digger Ganja Can't get you Highway of love Alone secrets Glamour girl Bad Habit Andrea new english spanish reggaeton songs deep house dance music bass boosted remixes car 2020: Costi Haide Opa, miss California, upotrebena, soledad #share #subscribe #comment Our record label its founded in 2010. Our artists are Otilia, Mario Joy Andrea Baga banini Robber Dj, PARA DEEP Dj Crazy Goat, Peppa Dj, Amor124 During the past years we produce and make many colabs for El Andariego with Amor Malsano, Asher Oh Na Na type of song, we can say about Remady & Manu-L with L.I.F.E. Out of nowhere Isabela with Isabela song become hit on Roton music yt channel. We worked in the past years with producers of Dua Lipa, The Chainsmokers Martin Garrix, Camila Cabello with She Loves Control english song, Alan Walker with Live Fast remix made by Bentley Grey. We can forget about Britney Spears with Womanizer, Shakira with Don't bother. From Italy, we can say about Gianni Pirozzo with Sei come il mare or Aldo Ranks Sacude La Tanga, Slza with katarze For the Romanian market Inna remains the best artist and Yalla was one of the most popular songs. Tranda dubii was a big hit, MINISTARKE with Moje Jedino. Eva pop tocame spanish trap song with Otilia Adelante from Y3Mr$ was big hits. About french market with REYZS and Emmène-Moi Romy Angelo french song. Deep house like Dapa Deep Leusin with Glance track or Dapa Deep with Monee So cold. So much work for Remady Manu-L with L.I.F.E and Amor peligroso the remix made by Md DJ, Rvfv in colab with Bandaga on the song Ella No Quiere Rosé, Bob Sinclar, Akon for the english song Til The Sun Rise Up or Massari with Loon Smile For Me. we loved to work for Genc Prelvukaj with Dilema also. We made remixes from Dua Lipa don't start now, Psychical and Break my heart, Rosses Saint JHn, Roddy Rich The box, we count us through popular remixes from Tones and I with dance monkey best hit ever. We made also for Weeknd blinding lights and sent demos to Post Malone, J balvin Bad Bunny & Drake in their style. We loved also SkennyBeatz Remix from Bilionera new remix, also arabic Khalouni N3ich made by Yusuf Eksioglu and for Yeh Kali Kali Ankhein. Our goal to make online games and internet games, of course, internet free games, only a few people want to pay money for pro paid memberships, we gonna make all that internet games videos for you, you will know how to learn to play. Our next plans its audiobooks and books online, or TV online, because the people are tired of Netflix or HBO. We have videos with playboy girls, playboy playmates, but not from official playboy edition. The playboy girls we used from other videos that they made. Also if you want to play the piano, guitar or violin we will show you videos with an app from Google Play that make a lot of fun from it. Some of the videos are not official on Jhaps Records, are worked with models, usually beautiful sexy girls for hot summer 2020. The models that play in the music video usually are very sexi girls. Also, in 2020 are many exotic places and perfect to film all that good looking sexi and very attractive women.

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配信タグ:#ルスタリオンエア きょうも~いつ~ものうんどうぶそく♪ ◆サムネイル作成 ⇒ロスさん(@iq_lw) ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー にじさんじ所属バーチャルライバーの フレン・E・ルスタリオです チャンネル登録、高評価、通知設定よろしく!!!! ◆メンバーシップ◆ 月額490円で登録できます!! ・名前の横に専用バッジがつくぞ ・コメントで可愛いスタンプが使えちゃうぞ ・必ず月1でメンバー限定配信が見れるぞ (雑談、同時視聴、絵本読み聞かせ、ASMR etc…) ◆ Twitter ◆チャンネル登録 ◆生放送関連のツイート #ルスタリオンエア ◆ファントーク #フレン親衛隊 ◆ファンアート #フレン見て 【にじさんじ関連】 ◆ 公式HP ◆ 公式Twitter ◆ Booth公式Twitter ◆ 公式オンラインショップ ◆ お問い合わせやファンレターはこちら ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー

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I Had To Get In The Water For This Magnet Fishing Find


I Had To Get In The Water For This Magnet Fishing Find *HELP ME GET TO 200,000 SUBSCRIBERS* Subscribe here!!- ⬇️About today⬇️ I go magnet fishing and end up having to get in the water for a cool find! Danny’s Channel- Bryce Nachtwey PO Box 471 Rolesville, NC 27571 -———Social Media——— —— Instagram- Twitter- Facebook- ------------My gear ------------- Beginner kit- 1500lbs magnet- 1200 lb magnet- 880 lb magnet- 600 lb magnet- Rope for magnet- Rods 7"1 Mojo Bass Med Heavy- 7"2 speed stick- Reels speed spool LFS 6.8:1- -------------My camera gear---------------- G7X ii- DSLR- DSLR wide- DSLR close rang- DSLR mic- DSLR tripod- G7X Tripod- Computer- Adobe photoshop- **All links are Amazon affiliate links** #Magnetfishing #Diving

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因遭檢舉"露毛"馬賽克後 重新上架 南投市養生館(全部大陸新住民 90%假結婚移民台灣)1000/2小時 1600/2小時(半) 3000(全)熟客可減價 『不好意思喔👈我是奧客』


本頻道即時回覆網友資訊的時間是:早上09:00-12:00 其他時間可能無法即時回覆 敬請見諒。 A24小額贊助本頻道即可獲得本集A24 資訊 1:請用網路銀行或ATM 轉帳 90元 到玉山銀行(808 ) 0288968154566 2:轉帳後您的銀行帳號會顯示在我的網銀頁面 3:將您的銀行帳號後4瑪和您要的影片標題代瑪發 email到 (例如:1234 A24) 4:核對後會將店名 地址發郵件給您 本頻道標題所說的 "熟客網友想要的都有" 網友有提出很多各方面的問題 在此詳細說明一下: 1:凡是要先收錢的店 馬上離開 以免掉坑踩雷。 2:進養生館包廂後 要等選好小姐後 再換衣服 洗澡 穿紙褲 否則看不滿意 難以脫身離開。 3:我在跟小姐談話時 都在問有沒有半或全 但他們都怕我是警察釣魚 所以都說沒有 叫我先做再說 做了20-30 分後 你要主動提出做半(就算你是警察 小姐也可以"釣魚辦案"為自己和店家脫罪) 一般都OK 要不然她要做滿2小時 也很累 如果你要摸奶那看小姐 可能會要小費 頂多200-500 好的熟客還可免費。店內按摩椅很小 一般店內很少做全的 偷作全的也很少 當然熟客都有些例外。熟客的話自己約外出 做全 價錢談好就OK。 4:我的影片就是給網友打氣壯膽 看小姐要勇敢打槍 喜歡的 態度親切的才做 不必委屈求全 花錢受氣。我打了幾百槍 也從來沒出過事 。網友知道嗎?一般小姐賺的錢 不比我們勞工朋友少 甚至多很多 勞工朋友工作時受氣 受累比小姐多太多。客人不喜歡這位小姐 要求換一位 這是客人的 基本權利 如果老闆或小姐這樣也生氣或態度不佳 那打她幾槍只是剛好而已 讓她知道男人賺錢更辛苦。 5:有些櫃台小姐會說:(1)我們店要先收費 不能打槍 (2)我們年紀40-50拾歲 但是服務好 技術好, 不能打槍 。碰到這種店 除非你是熟客 不計較年齡 外貌 要純指壓的 否則不要浪費時間 盡快離開。 6:有些網友請我推薦小姐 實在很抱歉 我不是拉皮條的 我在跟小姐談話時 盡量拖延時間 網友從他的動作表情 判斷是不是自己喜歡的菜 這是我能做到的 至於您喜歡那一位 您自己做決定 不好意思。 7:有些網友會問我小姐的號碼 一般小店2-3個小姐 沒有號碼 除非很大的店。請直接到店 拿手幾播放給老闆看 指名找她。影片播放後 店家很快就知道了 因為網友會拿手機跟小姐說 我是看到片子 才來捧場找妳的。 8:以上敘述 希望網友看後 對您有一些幫助。 如果您是第一次去養生館的客人 小姐都很怕是警察 所以如何懈下她的心防 也很重要。養生館跟一般全套店的不同是 可以和小姐聊天說笑 談情說愛 如果1500要按摩2小時 很累人的 如果你主動提出要做半 1小時就好 她何樂不為呢?養生館的小姐比較有一些彈性 可以不做半,不做全 自己決定 不像全套店 來了就脫 做了就走。 多看一家是一家,多走一里是一里『奧客我來做』,目的就是『 呈現真相』,以免網友踩雷踩坑、花錢受氣。您的訂閱加上轉發分享,就是對本頻道最大的支持。世事多變化,網友消費前還是要確認一遍。

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Your Grip is KILLING Your Gains (FIX THIS!)


Your grip during lifting is killing your gains if you are making any of the mistakes shown in this video. When it comes to reaching training goals, the thing that can derail you faster than anything else is an injury. When the grip is less than ideal (as is often the case with most lifters) then you are subjecting yourself to the most common and debilitating inflammatory condition suffered by those that workout, and that is medial epicondylitis or golfers elbow. You know if you have it. It’s that knife-like stabbing pain that you get on the inside of your elbow every time you try and grip a bar or pull-up bar during any pulling exercise. This can be problematic in terms of your ability to do a heavy deadlift, weighted chinup, pullup, row, curl or even a lat pulldown. The fact of the matter is however, you are in complete control of how to fix this. In this video, I’m going to show you the anatomical reason for this overload and how to offset some of that load on all of the exercises mentioned above. Secondly, I want to try and show you how important it is to not just grip the bar or barbell without thought but to make sure it is in the right place in your hand to minimize the unnecessary stress being driven towards that inner elbow. Let’s start as always with some anatomy. The muscle in the forearm most responsible for causing this pain in the elbow is called the flexor digitorum superficialis or FDS for short. This muscle has two heads to it, the radial head and the humeral ulnar head. It is the latter that is most responsible for the pain being felt at your elbow. With attachments that feed through the wrist and insert on the middle phalanx of the ring and pinky finger, it is this head that is being asked to incur the forces that we are subjecting it to via heavy weighted chins, deadlifts and rows (or even bodyweight versions of the chin or row). This is just not something this small muscle is equipped to handle. The solution in all environments (whether it be on a pull-up bar or training with a barbell) is to fix two things. First, you need to fix the placement of the bar in your hands to better provide your body to mechanically leverage your ability to handle high load stresses. Secondly, you need to be aware of the tendency of the ring finger to want to dominate given it’s leveraged position relative to the other fingers when you close your hand down to grip, and understand how to minimize that. When it comes to the chinups and pullups, the first thing you want to do is change how you are gripping the bar. It all revolves around the middle knuckle of your fingers. On the pull-up, you want to make sure that you cannot see this middle knuckle from beneath the bar. If you can, then this means that you are losing your grip and the bar is drifting to the end of your fingers. This causes a high strain on this flexor tendon we spoke of. On the chinup, you want to be sure that you can see this knuckle. Here, if you do not, it means that you are once again losing your grip and allowing the bar to stress the distal tendon attachment too much leading to high strain and stress on the elbow. To minimize the ring finger from dominating this exercise, you want to do the following. Place a band around the bar as shown. It should create two laps of band that you can now rest your fourth and fifth fingers on. The increased height changes the length tension relationship of the tendons in these fingers causing them to contribute less to the grip. The forefinger and middle finger are now much more active in the grip and better capable of withstanding the high stresses without killing your elbows. On barbell work the best thing you can do is temporarily switch to a hook grip. The hook grip, while initially uncomfortable, can be a lifesaver. It gives you a chance to immediately shift the load from the ring and pinky fingers to the middle and index finger by virtue of the mechanics of the grip. You should instantly take any stress away from the elbow that you may be feeling. Make these substitutions and I promise you will overcome your pain in the elbow that is allowing your grip to stand in the way of your gains. It’s details like this that matter and, when addressed, can take you to a new level of gains you never thought possible. If you’re looking for a step by step plan for training like an athlete and taking your training seriously, be sure to head to via the link below and grab the program most aligned with your current physique and performance goals. For more videos on how to fix elbow pain and the best grip for increasing your deadlift, be sure to subscribe to our channel via the link below and remember to turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published. Build Muscle in 90 Days - Subscribe to this channel here -

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