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Basicnoise - U.F.O. (Ambient Collage)

pure ambient - no beats hope you'll enjoy this. here's the tracklist: 00:00 intro 02:26 art of noise - opus 4 1990 03:08 klaus schulze - floating 1976 04:00 planetary assault system - long lost 1997 04:41 sample from pqm - you are sleeping 2002 07:16 markus guentner - chrom 2002 08:09 sample from pqm - you are sleeping (pqm’s dj tools) 2002 10:37 swirl people - earth tones 1999 12:11 sample from “absolute giganten” 1998 12:21 sophia - reprise 1998 12:50 sample from “absolute giganten” (floyd) 1998 13:30 area - deeper level 2009 16:59 sample from “blade runner” (videogame) 1997 17:04 vangelis - blade runner blues 1982 19:50 solar eclipse - a new world 1994 21:53 sample from “plan 9 from outter space” 1959 26:14 sample from “twin peaks” 1990 26:54 angelo badalamenti - laura palmers theme / tp theme 1992 27:30 vainqueur - solanus 1996 27:45 sample from “twin peaks” (cooper) 1990 32:19 sample from “half-life 2” (g-man) 2004 33:00 raz ohara and the odd orchestra - love for mrs. rhodes 2008 37:25 jürgen paape - so weit wie noch nie (dettinger remix) 2002 42:25 rivo - dirty old shoes 2008 42:56 thomas edison - about electricity (sample) 1908 45:02 steve rachmad - legacy of the lost world 2003 49:16 tomas dvorak - by the wall (machinarium) 2009 53:08 ian novak - reflection on the water 2008 53:31 samples from “half-life 2” (cityvoice) 2004 56:59 markus guentner - express yourself 2003 62:30 rhythm & sound - distance 2001 63:32 tomas dvorak - the beginning / the bridge (machinarium) 2009 67:40 all - alltag 2001 69:45 vainqueur - elevation 2 1997 75:29 gas - zauberberg 1 2008 81:04 neil armstrong - moon landing (sample) 1969 81:33 brian eno - an ending (ascent) 1983 85:13 sample from “half-life 2” (g-man) 2004 i didn't mention the nature effects and samples cause that would go beyond the scope. compiled and arranged by basicnoise 2010

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Funny Background Music For Videos █ Comedy Music / Funny Music Instrumental & happy cute silly fun


Funny instrumental music / comedy background music for videos by Blanket Barricade ▶FREE / PAY-AS-YOU-WANT DOWNLOAD: This song can be used on YouTube for non-commercial purposes. If you would like to use this song for commercial purposes contact us at ▶More instrumentals: ▶Subscribe for more: Want to use this funny background music for comedy instrumental for something else? Email us at Want more comedy instrumental background music for gaming videos / comedy music instrumentals, and comedy music for film tv and video game soundtracks? This is the official whimsical cute instrumental background music instrumental / comical background music for comedy and backing track for "Blue Jacket". It is perfect as funny background music for funny videos, background music for gaming videos, or a happy ad. Sign up for our lively silly background music mailing list for new songs / instrumental funny music background music and comedy music instrumental music: Use this upbeat positive humour instrumental version as an acoustic silly light hearted track / indie folk backing track! Could be great as a comedy music track, cute background music for videos, happy background music for slideshows / prezi, happy instrumental background music for presentations, news, award shows, cartoons, animations, cooking shows, for documentaries / for documentary films, for short films, TV, for commercials, cheerful corporate videos, for children, kid, and related children's music content, video games, background music for games / gaming, ads, as talk show background music, for movies, for tutorials, websites, for trailers, for videos of animals, music for slideshow, for bloopers, for magic show, for educational content, cheerful music for after editing. and other related content. Email us to talk about using this piece of cheesy instrumental comic music for videos. Find more comical cheesy music themes, silly music instrumental tracks, happy instrumental music backing tracks, cute, light, and sunny fun groovy comedy background music instrumental songs & comedic instrumentals on our channel. CREDITS Funny Background Music For Videos Happy -Mixed by Mike. Happy Background Music For Videos - drums by Wes Cute Background Music For Videos Fun - Piano by Wes Fun Background Music For Videos / Pantomime comedic music - Prod by Mike Cute Instrumental Music For Video Background - Bass by Mike Funny Background Music For Videos / background music for jokes - arranged by Mike Pantomime comedy Instrumental Background Music / comedic music - Performed by Mike. Background Music Funny / comedy music background - Whistling by Mike Comedy Music Background / Funny Music For Video Background - Mixing by Michael Comedy Background Music Instrumental Song / comic music instrumental for funny moments - Mastering by Mike Funny Music Background Instrumental / موسيقى مضحكة - recorded by Mike Funny Music Background Instrumental / comedy soundtrack for magic show - played by Mike Silly Music Instrumental / funny background music for comedy - Art by Paige Game Show Music Instrumental / Gaming Background Music Soundtrack - pre-prod by Wes Background music for funny moments / Background music for funny scenes - post production by Wes Background music for jokes / comedy soundtrack - sound by Mike Copyright 2016.

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Learning Machine


Learning Machine - Super Computer Brain I learn quickly I learn rapidly I learn effectively I learn naturally I learn subconsciously I learn automatically I learn intuitively I learn effortlessly I learn instantly I learn continuously I learn easily I learn readily I learn comfortably I learn clearly I learn definitely I learn gently I learn freely I learn smoothly I understand quickly I understand rapidly I understand effectively I understand naturally I understand subconsciously I understand automatically I understand intuitively I understand effortlessly I understand instantly I understand continuously I understand easily I understand readily I understand comfortably I understand clearly I understand definitely I understand gently I understand freely I understand smoothly You learn quickly You learn rapidly You learn effectively You learn naturally You learn subconsciously You learn automatically You learn intuitively You learn effortlessly You learn instantly You learn continuously You learn easily You learn readily You learn comfortably You learn clearly You learn definitely You learn gently You learn freely You learn smoothly You understand quickly You understand rapidly You understand effectively You understand naturally You understand subconsciously You understand automatically You understand intuitively You understand effortlessly You understand instantly You understand continuously You understand easily You understand readily You understand comfortably You understand clearly You understand definitely You understand gently You understand freely You understand smoothly

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